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Why do it yourself?

Some people run wires under their hot seat, remove dashboard gauges, or even more radical; they drill holes into the body panels all in an attempt to get 12 volt power to their handlebars. We even met someone that drilled a hole into his wind shield to mount his GPS unit.

All of these options work. Some are dangerous, and most devalue your dike!

Our DIY options are for those individuals that want to save money, have high quality, and increase the value of their bike. This option also gives you the ability to mount your devices (cell phone, GPS units), and charge and power them at the same time.

DIY Chargers come with the key components you need to get professional results. You even get an installation video with tips to help you succeed.

Just add your own sockets and wiring.

Buy the optional RAM 1 inch Mounting ball and the optional DIY kit to increase the function of your home-made charger.